Korean Restaurant, Tokyo 360° VR Video

18 days ago, 19 views
At the time of filming I had no idea this was a Korean Restaurant as there was not really signage to indicate that. According to Google Maps, that is what it was. And it was quite good! I had to do a little Googling while there because I did not know that you don't pay at the table in most restaurants and tips are not a custom, so at least now I have a little more knowledge going into the next place. I ordered sweet & sour chicken and a bowl of rice. I was able to point to the menu for the chicken, but the rice was a little different. Because I have a mind that notices patterns, I was able to figure out that 米 is the symbol for rice, so I pointed to a dish with rice and then covered the other symbols leaving only the one for rice. He luckily understood what I meant and I got what I wanted. Simple!\


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