Basilica di San Marco Venice 360 VR Video

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One of the most iconic landmarks in Venice, this 12th-century basilica is also called The Church of Gold for its magnificent decorations and design. Built in a mix of Italian and Byzantine styles, it is one of the best examples of Italo-Byzantine architecture that you can see. Fans of computer games may remember it from the second instalment of the Assassin's Creed series. It's definitely worth going inside as well, its gilded interior with gold ground mosaics is just incredible. The treasury houses a unique collection of Byzantine metalwork. Be aware, though, that there tend to be enormous queues in front of the entrance. If you can, either buy the online skip-the-lines ticket, or time your visit for the low season. Keep in mind, too, that it is forbidden to carry bags inside the basilica, as well as to take photographs.


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