Music: Agressor Bunx - Cloudlights 360 VR

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The clue is in their name: Agressor Bunx are dark, relentless and audaciously aggressive. Alex and Nikolay aren’t just partners of production, but are in fact brothers, born and bred in Ukraine. Although formed in 2009, it was a few years of solitary studio time for these guys until they properly hit the scene in 2013. The Eastern European pair have graced the likes of Blackout, Ram, Program, Bad Taste, Citrus and those guys that want to feast on your organs, Eatbrain. And they’ve done so with some genuinely monstrous creations. After the success of their EP The Order last year, the duo are back on Eatbrain with their highly anticipated debut LP Properties of Addition. Out May 29 it weighs in at a mean 18 tracks. The deeper you get, the heavier the experience.


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