Waterfall in Gardens of Versailles Paris 360 VR Video

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Water features of all kinds are an important part of French gardens, even more so than plant designs and groves. At Versailles, they include waterfalls in some of the groves, spurts of water in the fountains, and the calm surface of the water reflecting the sky and sun in the Water Parterre or the Grand Canal. The Palace garden is designed around alleys running parallel or perpendicular to the Royal Way and marking out groves. At the four crossroads of the principle alleys stand four fountains, built in the 1670s and dedicated to the four seasons. The Spring Fountain or Flora Fountain (1674) and the Summer Fountain or Ceres Fountain (1673) are to the north, while to the south are the Autumn Fountain or Bacchus Fountain (1674) and the Winter Fountain or Saturn Fountain (1677). From a viewpoint at the end of Latona’s Parterre and the entrance to the Royal Way all four fountains can be admired at once.


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