The Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute (IPCE) is soon due to complete the restoration works on one of the great symbols of the city of Segovia: its late-Gothic style cathedral, also known as the ‘lady of cathedrals’.

The fourth phase of the restoration works, which began in 2009 and are expected to finish around October, has involved an investment of almost 1,900,000 euros and has focused on three areas of the monument:

The library area.

This is located beside the tower and the cloister. Inside it contains the chapter room, the cathedral treasure, and on the upper floor, the library. The works undertaken in this area provide a new view of the magnificent vault covering the stair space. The restoration involved dismantling the tile covering to restore the roof and vault, as well as removing partitions and replacing the flooring.

The cloister.

This is a Gothic construction dating from an earlier period than the cathedral itself. These works have allowed a drainage system to be installed (requiring the remodelling of the garden) as well as a ventilation chamber under the paving to eliminate interior damp.The restoration of the stone in the cloister involved the cleaning and elimination of metallic elements, sealing the cracks and applying protective treatments.

Cathedral exterior

On the west side of the exterior of the monument, there is a large flat area known as the ‘enlosado’ (‘stone slabs’), surrounded by a stone wall which was in an advanced state of disrepair. In order to recover this space –one of the most important in the cathedral–, a system of perimeter drainage has been installed.

This monument, together with the cloister in Toledo cathedral, Tarragona cathedral and the Castillo Mayor castle in Calatayud, forms part of the programme of guided visits organised by the Department of Fine Arts and Cultural Property at the Ministry of Culture to the most important projects for the restoration of Spain’s Historic Heritage.

This major work of architectural conservation will shortly allow the public to enjoy the ‘facelift’ undergone by Segovia’s slender cathedral, the last Gothic cathedral built in Spain, and whose interior contains a wealth of chapels, altarpieces and sculptures. An important project for Segovia, whose historic quarter and Roman aqueduct have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.