About Us

Credited as the world's first real-time audio/video internet entertainment experience, sputnik7.com was a broadcast network offering consumers a sophisticated mix of independent music, film, and anime programming via interactive video & audio stations, videos on demand and digital downloads. 

Sputnik7.com's award winning design allows consumers to purchase music, make requests, rate videos and find information on artists and films, all without interrupting their audio/visual entertainment experience.

The History of Sputnik7

Sputnik7 was originally launched in 1998 by British businessman Chris Blackwell the founder of Island Records and American Entertainment Executive Les Gardland the co founder of MTV.  In May 2000 Sputnik7 raised $7 Million is series B funding.

"Watching such companies as sputnik7 grow is as fascinating as watching the programs they create."
 Entertainment Weekly

Sputnik7 today

Jump to 2018 and Sputnik7 has relaunched, now focused on building the worlds largest VR 360 community. Come and join us on our new journey and immerse your world in 360 degree video and explore interactive 3D destinations.