Corporate Solutions

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Sputnik7 specializes in online security solutions for small to mid-size and enterprise companies. Our specialists will work with you to help you to detect and address security problems, so you can keep your digital infrastructure secure.

We provide penetration testing, network security and security audit services, and work with your company to implement next generation solutions so you can lock down, monitor and manage your network securely. Secure your business, both outside and inside the cloud and detect and address problems in real time.

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Sputnik7 creates and delivers cutting edge digital security solutions for our clients. By combining machine learning technology with state of the art intrusion detection tools, we can address all your security needs, needs which have never been more critical than they are in the new ever-connected era.

Assess your Network

Sputnik7 will help you to address all your digital security needs, which has never been more critical than it is now, in the age of big data.

Monitor & Protect

We will help you to implement next generation security solutions so you can lock down, monitor and manage everything on your network.

Secure your devices

Secure all your devices and keep your trade secrets safe, so the weakest point no longer becomes the weakest point of entry to outsiders.

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