Sputnik7 is opening up the world of Cultural Tourisim. Take advantage of our cutting edge technology solutions to drive people to your venues and show your properties to the world.


Sputnik 7 is a technology based production company specializing in virtual production services for the cultural tourism sector.


Historical Landmark Promotion – Aerial Droning
Sputnik 7 specialize in aerial photography of historic buildings, most commonly churches, cathedrals, castles and ruins etc. We also work closely with city councils to promote local places of interest. Aerial footage can be presented on websites and other promotional collateral and once deployed can provide a highly effective visual means of engaging and educating tourists about the region.

3D Landmark Recreation and Presentations – 3D Animation

By overlaying the drone footage with animated 3D characters and historic buildings, we are able to add an extra layer of realism to local promotional productions. This service works well with short reenactment films portraying significant local historic events. Animations can be integrated on to a website, providing an informative and entertaining means to engage visitors prior to their arrival.

Interactive Walkthroughs and Presentations – Virtual Reality
Virtual reality presentations can be an integral tool for local councils, historic societies, galleries museums and tour companies, especially when promoting cultural tourism from digital kiosks or at trade shows and exhibitions. Our VR team will create a photo realistic impression of your location, convert it to an app and with the use of VR glasses, enable visitors from anywhere in the world, to explore the venues as if they were really there.

Gallery and Museums – Interior Virtual Reality

Bring the interior of your location to life and allow your site visitors to walk around and enjoy close up views of pieces of art, sculptures and historic architecture. Interior virtual reality implementations are perfect for galleries, museums, historic buildings, churches, cathedral, mosques and castles and can go a long way towards encouraging new customers to visit your location in the future.

The Results

By simply providing visiting tourists with an an interactive area within your website promoting local places of historic and cultual interest, the results speak for themselves.


Increased brand visibility


Increased new customer enquiries


INCREASED customer engagement


increased location awareness


If you manage a cultural location such as a gallery or a museum or a place of historic interest such as a church, cathedral, castle, mosque ruin or arceological site and would like to bring more people to the location contact us today for a free consultation.