Sputnik7 is a technology company that uses virtual experiences to promotes destinations in new and exciting ways. We increase visibility and help you to reach people in new markets around the world.

Digital Replicas

True 3D reconstructions created at the highest resolution with the highest quality.

Virtual Tours

Interactive 3D environments in which users can easily explore objects and locations.

Virtual Experiences

Fully immersive solutions for the leading 3D and Virtual Reality platforms.

“Virtual experiences are revolutionizing the way people around the world find and explore locations before traveling.”


Digital Replicas

Digital replicas are 3D recreations that give travelers a better idea of what to expect while on vacation.  Use them to showcase your art, history and culture in a new way. They can be accessed online using web browsers making them universally available to anyone with a PC and internet conexion. 

  • Easy access to all levels of users
  • Embed them on your website or your partners 
  • Available to travel agents, blogs and websites
  • Share with tourists, journalists and schools

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are a perfect way to attract new visitors to your locations. They can be accessed on both mobiles and computers, providing a more personal and engaging experience. One of their key benefits is the global reach on being featured in leading app stores giving you access to users around the world in new markets.

  • Easy access for all smartphone users
  • Showcased on app stores to millions of users
  • Higher-level of interaction and engagement
  • Value added features such as tickets & souvenirs 

Virtual Experiences

Virtual experiences are fully immersive solutions that uses the latest 3D technology. Feature your property on leading VR platforms from Sony, Samsung and Facebook and engage users at a totally different level. This is the delivery method for clients looking to reach new niches worldwide, and appeal to the next generation of traveler.

  • Showcase your product on global VR platforms
  • Access a new market of millions of VR users
  • The highest level of interaction and engagement
  • Provide a strong impact and powerful experience

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Sputnik7 is a next-generation production company that specializes in the creation of virtual experiences. We create virtual environments using industry-leading technology that attract and engage people in new and exciting ways.


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