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Originally the church was built in the second half of the 17th century in the village of Velké Loučky near Mukačevo (today’s Zakarpatska Ukraine). The whole building was made of wood and ranks amongst the most beautiful peasant buildings of this region. The timbered church is more than 14m long and is about 8m in width. The main and also the tallest steeple is over 17m tall. The village of Velké Loučky sold the church to its richer neighbour village so called Medvedovce in 1793. The building was taken apart and put together again in its new place. The church was given to the Prague City and transferred in 1929. It must have been taken apart again with its individual parts marked with numbers. The parts were then carried on four railway wagons. === Scan was only a test of my new 14mm lens :). Don’t have drone yet, so i was not able to scan the roof properly.Raw scan, no manual repairs.
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