The Salamanca convent of Santa María

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The Salamanca convent of Santa María, better known as Las Dueñas, was founded in 1419 by Juana Rodríguez Maldonado, wife of Fernando Alfonso de Olivera, in the houses where she lived, which had been built by her first husband, Juan Sánchez de Sevilla, who, since 1390, he held the office of accountant mayor of Castilla. The intention of the founder was the creation of a beaterio in which noble ladies could retire, for what she received from the town of Salamanca the nickname of Convent of Las Dueñas. Authorized the donation at the end of the year 1419, were soon inhabited by Dominican religious dependencies of the Mudejar palace of the late fourteenth century, of which some remains are preserved, such as a horseshoe arch pointed in the upper cloister, in brick, with alfiz and in the black and green tiles between white pieces. The dormitory of the novitiate must have been the main chamber of the house, with a square floor and tile floor, with two plaster doors. In 1533 the temple and the cloister were built, constructions that were superimposed on what was already built.


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