Sala capitular Catedral Oviedo

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Chapterhouse of the Cathedral of Oviedo The oldest part of the Cathedral; begun in 1293, it was finished in 1314, and is probably one of the earliest Gothic structures in Asturias. Located next to the west gallery of the cloister, it is square in plan, covered with a vault on trunks, whose nerves converge in a central key. It has always been a meeting place of the Cabildo and the Juntas of the Principality. In this room the war was declared in 1808 to Napoleon Bonaparte. In this room you can contemplate, although they do not belong to you, the altarpiece of the Lamentations or the Crying over the dead Christ in which, along with the donors Juan de Candamo and his wife Catalina, there is a wide procession of people and saints. You can also see what remains of the choir stalls made of walnut wood of good size, with the Asturian theme of the Cruz de los Ángeles in the center of the backrest.


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