Real Casa de Moneda of Segovia

A Virtual Experience

  • Start Date: August 2019
  • Client: Tourism Department of the Town Hall of Segovia 
  • Project Type: Interactive Application

About this Project

Sputnik7 is creating an interactive, virtual experience based on the
historical building of the Real Casa de Moneda in Segovia: one of
the oldest and most important pieces of industrial architecture in
Europe. The solution will be delivered in 3D on mobile devices as
well as in fully immersive Virtual Reality.

You can find out more about the project at

Immersive Experiences

The virtual Casa de Moneda virtual experience includes high-quality 3D recreations of the property along with virtual tours of its main locations and the machines that were used in the coin making process. It provides a new and exciting way for people to learn about its art, history and culture.

You can read the full project specification in English here

You can read the full project specification in Spanish here

Mobile Experience

The Real Casa de Moneda mobile application is designed to be easy to use in order to appeal to people of all ages. It is based around an interactive 3D map with a built in guided tour and runs on iOS and Android devices.

The main areas of the property each have their own dedicated sections that users can explore in true 3D in order to find out more about their history
and the items within them.

Virtual Experience

Our virtual reality experience is fully immersive, and allows the user to visit the property’s leading locations and explore them as if they were actually there. It runs on the Oculus Rift and Quest at different qualities. 

The user is able to walk around with full 360 degrees of motion
and visibility and our in-scene navigation helps them to easily move from location to location. Built in information panels help users to understand the art and items and find out about them as a part of their virtual visit. 

This project is a great example of how technology can be put at the service of history, which is especially appropriate in the case of the Real Casa de Moneda since it was always characterized by housing the most advanced technology.

Claudia de Santos Borreguero

Online Experiences

All the main items and locations that are being created for the mobile and VR applications will be published online where they can easily be viewed and shared. From individual machines and art to complete locations, online access makes them available to people around the world in an easy to use format that supports all devices. 

You can find some samples below in true, high quality 3D just click the play button and start exploring!