Sputnik7 is pleased to announce that it has launched Soulbank (Soulbank.com), an online 3D repository that hosts a curated collection of historic buildings, monuments and art from some of the world’s leading photogrammetry artists.

The site includes work from Sputnik7 as well as other contributors and currently hosts over 230 items from around the world categorized under castles, buildings, churches, cities, homes, interiors monuments and structures. Our goal is to grow to over 1000 listings by the end of the 2019.

“Fundamentally our work provides global visibility to historic buildings and heritage sites, that may not have been on the radar of the average traveler. Our goal with Soulbank is help to promote these locations to a wider audience, as well as people with disabilities and those with difficulty traveling”.
C.E.O Karsten Becker

Soulbank also features dedicated Channels, which go a step further to curate the top listings in specific countries and cities by interest. Our channel on Historic Spain already lists some of the top locations in the country, and we are adding listings daily.


To enable users to easily find and visit these locations in the real world we will also be adding mapping and GPS coordinates and google maps integration in our next update the site.

“By highlighting these locations with the use of technology, we drive awareness to a brand new group of cultural travelers who are then more inclined to visit them in the real world.”
Business Development Director Tim Williams

Cultural travelers are vital to local economies, they spend more money while on vacation, which is a massive help to the destinations and the communities that reside in them. Cultural tourism strengthens economies, creates jobs and helps differentiate and expand the vacation season for local businesses.

About Soulbank
Soulbank is an online repository of historic buildings, monuments and art available in 3D and in VR. Find out more at www.soulbank.com

About Sputnik7
Sputnik7 is dedicated to cultural tourism and the promotion of historical buildings and monuments using the latest in VR and 3D technology. Find out more at www.sputnik7.com