Explore our work and view some of the amazing projects we have worked on including everything from Castles to Monastaries, and fine art such as sculptures and statues. Our work spans countries around the world, from Spain to Japan, and we are always looking for more projects. 

Money Press, Casa de Moneda

One of the original money press’s found inside the Casa de la Moneda Museum. This wooden coin press is a hydraulic mill that was used to mint coins in Spain dureing the 17th century. It is on permanent display at the Real Casa de Moneda in Segovia, Spain.


Browse our featured scenes and see the power that fully interactive 3D is now bringing to the exposure of historic architecture and places of cultural interest. 

Barcience Castle
Toledo, Spain

Coin Press, Real Casa de Moneda
Segovia, Spain

Great Buddha, Kotoku-in Temple
Kamakura, Japan

The Castle of Manzanares el Real
Located in Madrid, Spain

Fushimi Castle
Located in Momoyama, Japan

Monasterio de Monsalud
Guadalajara, Spain