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Irish broadband outfit Bluebox hacked for punter data

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A NORTHERN IRISH broadband company has reportedly confessed to a data breach that could have affected as many as 3,000 of the company’s customers.

‘Tis apparently the season for data breaches and, while the firm, called Bluebox, has not confirmed its vulnerable position to us, it has managed to issue the kind of statement that we have come to expect to the good people at the BBC.

“At Bluebox we have always taken security very seriously and this incident is the first time anything like this has ever occurred in the 10 years since we began providing internet services,” said managing director Scott McClelland.

“While no significant customer information has been exposed, we will be working with independent experts to learn lessons and take all steps necessary to prevent anything like this happening in the future.”

The BBC reported that 3,000 user details have been published and removed from online display. We have called Bluebox but have not been able to confirm the details in the BBC report.

Names, email addresses and phone numbers were leaked, according to the BBC, and the firm has contacted affected parties with a warning, and presumably the advice to change and not reuse their passwords.
Bluebox has had to admit to this in the shadow of a hack at TalkTalk that was a lot bigger. TalkTalk struggled to placate and reassure affected parties and earned itself the attention of the UK Information Commissioner’s Office, as has Bluebox, according to the BBC.

The BBC has not named a source for the TalkTalk leak, and the perpetrators are so far unknown. UK police have picked up and spoken to five people about the theft of 157,000 consumer dockets from TalkTalk. The firm has also had to face up to some considerable financial losses as a result of the hack.

Source: The Inquierer



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